The passionate and service-oriented individuals

The Leadership Team

We have structural designers, civil engineers, skilled working teams, financing teams, 24 hour CRM support teams and marketing teams that total to over 50 professional, passionate, dedicated and hardworking individuals! We are also backed by over 500 people, most of whom are involved in more than one project due to the overall experience they have had with us!

Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy
Managing Partner

With over 20 years of hands on involvement in the Bangalore real estate industry, he understands and brings the nuances of the trade into perspective.

Mr.Kishore Babu
Managing Partner

From a software professional who saw a gap in the buyers and homeowners to having a decade of experience in the infrastructure industry, Mr. Kishore is a man of passion and a deep understanding of the consumer requirements!

Mr. Kiran Kumar
Managing Partner

His wealth of experience in man-management, scheduling, and construction processes of over 15 years is an asset to the functioning of Mythri Builders